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Medical Examination | Medical Check Up | Full Body Checkup In Singapore

Mediway Medical has well-equipped health clinic and medical check-up clinic with modern facilities in Singapore

Get Your Health Checked At The Most Modern Facility | Mediway Medical

There are many people from various countries who are seeking jobs in Singapore. It is a place people like to live in and work. The work culture is excellent here and provides an equal opportunity for everyone to prosper. The multicultural society in Singapore welcomes everyone irrespective of which nation he or she belongs to. Because of the economic growth, more companies are being started in Singapore and this means a higher requirement for employees. Sometimes it is not possible to fill the requirement with the local population. It may be due to the qualification or the skills needed. Singapore government doesn’t shy away from welcoming people from other nations to fill the requirements. They can work here peacefully and earn their money.


There are some dangers that occur when people from many nations come to Singapore. There may be some diseases that they carry which are likely to be spread to the population here. The government aims to prevent the spread of such diseases. For this, they have made medical examinations mandatory for people seeking to work here. There are different levels of work permits issued and there are specific medical examinations for all these permits. There are some medical some clinics which are authorized to perform these medical examinations and send the reports. People who have been approved in principle for permits will have to undergo the medical examination Singapore government specify and prove that they are healthy enough.


Mediway Medical is a clinic where all the medical examinations for those who want to get the permits are done. We are a modern clinic where the medical tests will be performed in the most professional manner. We use the best methods which will give the most accurate results. You can present yourself at the clinic with your papers and submit to us. You should have your passport, Work Pass, and MOM In-principle approval. If you can be present here between 7.30 and 9.00 AM, you can collect the reports on the same day.



Mediway Medical also does the regular medical check-up which will tell you how healthy you are. Many of the disease conditions can be reversed if they are diagnosed at the right time. A medical check-up will tell you the information which will help to prevent the spread of the disease. We have all the latest equipment for the check-up. You will feel most comfortable getting the tests done here. Our employees are highly professional and will take care of you very well. We do the best full body checkup singapore has.